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Fay (Megalover93) by gts2478
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Fay (Megalover93) :icongts2478:gts2478 19 2
Giga Jennette Mccurdy and Ariana Grande by gts2478
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Giga Jennette Mccurdy and Ariana Grande :icongts2478:gts2478 24 0
Mega Evangeline Lilly 2 by Megalover93 by gts2478
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Mega Evangeline Lilly 2 by Megalover93 :icongts2478:gts2478 16 0
Kristen in Mexico City by gts2478 Kristen in Mexico City :icongts2478:gts2478 2 0 Omni Karen and Kristen by gts2478
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Omni Karen and Kristen :icongts2478:gts2478 3 0
Giga Kristen and Karen by gts2478
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Giga Kristen and Karen :icongts2478:gts2478 7 0
Billie Piper GTS by gts2478
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Fay (Megalover93)
"Hah~" Fay let out a breathy sigh...
She had always had a fascination with giantesses. For as long as she could remember, she had been enthralled by the idea of being one. Towering over buildings, plucking people from the street and placing them on a nearby roof so she could see them. The fantasies started innocently; when she was a little girl, she didn't destroy anything, she just bounced through towns, playing with the little people. As she grew up, she began toying with the idea of being more... physical. She would grind against buildings, kiss and lick them, and if she was feeling sentimental, she would lay down and cuddle with a skyscraper. Days where she was angry were filled with her fantasies of destroying person after person, city after city, and when she was done there, she would imagine herself growing, and moving from planet to planet, humiliating the inhabitants with her sensual, destructive desires.
Now her dreams were real... real people with real lives, but she knew hers was more important now. Her arousal prevented her from coherent speech, and for the moment, all she could do was moan in pleasure.
She inspected a skyscraper... she was much bigger than she ordinarily was in her daydreams, but it wasn't a new concept entirely. She started simply, lowering her feet to the ground and slowly dragging her toes across the city, ending creation after creation in instants.  She felt chills creep up her spine, and her shuddering figure shook the streets around her. She decided to be adventurous, wrapping her tongue around a tall building and tensing it, shattering part of it from the pressure, and rocketing anyone inside out of the opposite windows, and then, she focused on the building, and repaired it with her mind.
"I'm not just big... I'm omnipotent... I'm a... a goddess..." she thought to herself.

She would have fun with her new power of infinity.
Giga Jennette Mccurdy and Ariana Grande
Ariana's foot alone spanned miles. Just rolling it on its side caused unimaginable damage, and she had still hardly even registered her transformation in her mind.

"Can you believe it, Jen? It's amazing cities aren't being pulled into us from gravity, but I can't really see... maybe they are!"

Jennette, on the other hand, was very in-tune to her new power. She knew that every action she performed caused the death of hundreds of people, but she reveled in it. She could barely feel the ground through her boots, but every subtle crunch that made it through the sole solidified in her mind that she was in charge now, and she loved it.

"Dead, dead, dead, you're dead, you're dead, dead, dead, boom, dead, you're dead, boom."
Mega Evangeline Lilly 2 by Megalover93
"Really? C'mon, guys, I'm not even doing anything! I mean, yeah, I'm going to, but really, it's only a few people so far! Besides, is it really that bad? Ending quick under my bare soles? (sigh) You aren't even doing anything. I couldn't feel the bullets, I just heard your engines... tch, I'm disappointed, honestly."

So, what happened to Megalover? His account's been screwed by the whole 'model release form' thing before, but this time, his Deviantart, Giantessbooru, and eGiantess all disappeared. If anyone knows, I'm curious, and if he doesn't come back, I'm gonna be uploading some of my personal favorites from him, with some micro-stories like this one.
Kristen in Mexico City
Mexico City. This would ordinarily be a trip that would take at least a few hours, but to Kristen, it felt like a pleasant stroll.

"Heh, this can't have taken more than half an hour. I've gotta be a mile tall by now..." she thought to herself.

She also began to think about how that was the first time in a while that she hadn't thought out loud. It was like her personality had grown alongside her body. She must've just enjoyed letting all the little people at her feet a glimpse into what she was thinking about doing with them.
The thought made her face warm. She caressed her own cheek, as though someone she didn't know had just told her she looked beautiful.

She figured now was as good a time as any to say hello, and her footfalls became closer and closer, practically dragging her feet through the city, before she knelt down, opening up into a huge, open-mouthed smile, as she breathed in, ready to speak.

"Hi little people~! My name's Kristen, and I came all the way from the United States to play with you!" she said as she clasped her hands together, disturbing a nearby plane.
"Oh, what have we here? Did you guys get in this plane so you could come up and see me? That's so sweet~!" her voice dropped to a whisper, "Tell you what, you guys made it closer than anyone else, so as a reward, I'll give you a personal meeting with something most people have only dreamed of..."

She grinned mischievously before rising back up to her full height, the rush of air, nearly flipping the plane over in the air, before guiding it with her colossal fingers towards her immense crotch. Once the plane was near enough, she pressed the plane against her womanhood with her hand, letting out a low moan.

"They still had a lot of catching up to do to reach my height, I guess, I'm not complaining though, I quite enjoyed that."
Omni Karen and Kristen
"There it is..." Kristen said airily, "...everything we know... or... knew."

She smiled before lazily pulling her fellow goddess into her, closing her own lips around her friend's.
Kristen reeled back slowly, with a low chuckle, reminiscent of times she may have gotten drunk among good friends or love interests, but this was different, and she knew it. Fate had taken its course, and beyond, placing her in the grasp of the only person she could, no, the only person she should be with.

The duo had wondered how far their growth would take them, but as they neared the edges of the universe, it became clear that it wouldn't stop.
It had been easy to see them as goddesses before, but their power barely stretched past that of their bodies, because despite their strength being immeasurable, it was still bound to their physical presence.
As they grew, however, they seemed to ascend the realms of the possible. The first sing was their peculiar ability to breathe after outgrowing the earth's atmosphere, but soon, they found themselves reshaping comets, freezing suns, and all by willing it.

Kristen ran her pale fingers through Karen's silky, auburn hair, and lovingly scolded her,

"Tch, this is why I shortened my hair, now look, yours is all full of dust, and light... and stars... the lives... of... countless..."

"You doin' alright, kid?" Karen asked, taking hold of the hand that was exploring her hair.

Kristen's face heated, enough to incinerate a universe that drifted too close to her cheek, and she smiled sheepishly, giving a small "m-hm", before nestling her head into Karen's left breast, filling her ear with the thumping of her lover's heart.

"Your hair's glowing; I just think it's really pretty. But, anyway, what should we do now? All these little lights are universes, I think... I'm kind of at a loss."

"We'll do whatever." said Karen, before cutting her hand clean through their home universe, cleaving it in two, and before Kristen could react, she had already willed its shape back together, albeit with one change.
Karen had taken a universe, a boundless existence housing infinite forms, alive or not, torn it like a thin strip of paper, and used her new reality-altering abilities to weave its stars and planets into a message to her beloved partner.

The message was simple, but Karen had also willed its meaning into the souls and minds of all that inhabited that universe. The message read:


Kristen was speechless. Not too long ago in her memory, the two had been bitter rivals, fighting for domination of their insignificant subordinates, the human race, but now, they found themselves in the space between creation, observing all that was, or ever would be, proclaiming their love in front of anything and everything. On the outside, she was frozen still, but inside, her heart and mind were whirling around as one. Before the two knew it, all of creation was spinning around them, cocooning them in the light of creation.  Kristen willed it to sound like the most perfect music, look like the most perfect art, and what she said to Karen was enough to return the multiverse to its tranquil, passive self in an instant, save for the two immeasurably colossal Goddesses holding each other in joyous tears amidst all life, and all creation.

While they grew, Karen and Kristen met many weaker races that revered them as goddesses, but the only ones that truly could worship and love them as was meant, would be each other.


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